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Open part of the acam firmware

When working with the unmodified acam firmware, only one type of file is needed, the firmware data file which contains chip configurations and calibrations. This file must be adapted to the particular flow meter system of the customer, see section 2.4 (data sheet, volume 4) for details.


Dear Customer,


We have found a bug in the current firmware version of our TDC-GP30-F01 device.

The bug has the following effect:

·         At power-on, some chips may not initialize correctly, some others will initialize correctly after ca. 13s through a watchdog reset.

·         Chips, which don€™t initialize correctly, raise in the internal error register 0x27 the error flag €œ ROM_ERR€ (bit 11) and, if enabled, €œVOL_ERR€ (bit 10). The stored flow volume will not be zero.

·         This does not happen when the chip was powered before.

·         After an additional system reset all chips initialize correctly with no error message, and start at zero flow volume.


This bug is completely fixed by downloading the updated open firmware part GP30Y_A1_D2_11_04 (appended and available over our website) to all chips with older firmware versions GP30Y_A1_A2_11_0X, X<3. This update will have no other impact on functionality and performance, despite of fixing the described bug. Chips with this update will initialize reliably also at power-on.


TDC-GP30-F01 devices from new production will come with the new firmware version GP30Y_A1_A2_11_04, which has this bugfix implemented.


We strongly recommend to update devices with older firmware versions GP30Y_A1_A2_11_03, ..02 or €01. The download sequence is described in our Manual Vol. 3 under section 7.3. It is nearly identical with the download sequence for firmware data, which is anyway mandatory for all individual devices.

If the power-on sequence in your system already includes an additional system reset after each power on or which react on the ROM_ERR flag with a system reset, the update is not strictly needed, but still recommended.


We apologize for the inconvenience !

acam_FW_A1.D2.11.04.zip34 K