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The core  of acam messelectronic product range is represented by Time-to-Digital converters. A Time-to-Digital converter is a measuring unit for time interval measurement with an accuracy in the picosecond range. The measuring principle is based on the delay of simple logical gates.  Despite of  their strong dependency to temperature and voltage the use of  appropriate control and calibration methods enables to use the gate delay as basic parameter for high precision time interval measurement.. The possibilities of modern CMOS processes permit single shot measurements with an accuracy up to 10 ps (that equals 100 GHz). The favorable statistical behaviour of the digital masuring circuit  allows to increase the precision by averaging in the range of femtoseconds. With it's latest product range acam sets standards for all fundamental parameters, such as precision, measuring rate, double pulse resolution, pulse width measurement , current consumption.

PICOSTRAIN - Innovative solution measuring resistor bridges

The measurement of electrical resistance is transformed to time measurement by measuring the discharging time. Patented methods that are used for driving the resistor bridge and preparation of the measurement data enable an accuracy that is comparable to high-end 24-Bit A/D-converters. Where the offset- and gaindrift as well as the adjustment possiblities is concerned PICOSTRAIN will even beat them. Therefore PICOSTRAIN products are perfectly suited for measering strain gages.  At last one item makes PICOSTRAIN unbeatable:  The very low current consuption of the whole sensor-converter-system. The outcome of this for battery driven systems, particularly in wireless strain gage applications is a significantly extended operation time.

PICOCAP - Flexibility in capacity measurement

The PICOCAP measuring principle is also based on acam's TDC  technology  (TDC  - Time-to-Digital Converter) and is a direct derivate of the  PICOSTRAIN measuring principle. PICOCAP capacitance to digital converters transform the variation of capacitance in a high precision time measurement. The ratio of  capacities is given through the ratio of discharging time. This new concept allows a high degree of flexibility and supports a wide capacitance range from pF up to several nF. Patent pending algorithms provide a good suppression of parasitic capacities and ensure a very good temperature stability. The precision to be achieved with PICOCAP is comparable to high-end 24-Bit A/D-converters and even surpasses them at high measurement rates. In combination with it's low power consumption PICOCAP is perfectly suited for all applications that require high measuring rate and accuracy as well as for portable and battery driven solutions with low current consumption.

PICOTURN - Rotational speed sensor for turbochargers

PICOTURN is a pure digital solution for sensing the rotational speed of a turbochargers compressor wheel. The special kind of measurement uses acam's TDC (Time-to-Digital Converter) technology to detect the attenuation of an inductance through eddy currents, and makes the system perfectly suited for the rough environmental conditions that can be found in an engine. The core of the system is represented by a TDC measurement unit followed by a DSP unit that calculates the rotational speed in the range from 200 rpm up to 400.000 rpm. The modular and compact  system is easy to mount and especially designed for easy sensor exchange. No modification of rotating parts is necessary. This makes the PICOTURN product family a potential basis for cost effective standard or customized solutions, perfectly suited for the specific needs to measure the rotational speed of turbochargers.

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