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Design Support

In this section acam provides complete support for all products. In case of any technical questions, please first visit our FAQ section. It is regularly updated to address problems experienced by customers. Additionally The Design Notes section contains important inmformations and lists technical changes and updates, to our devices, software, and technical documents. These section is under continual review and should be checked regularly for the most recent updates.


If the FAQ as well as the Design Note section doesn't solve your issue, please contact our technical support by filling out the technical support form.

When sending a support request to acam, please help us by including informations of your application, the used hardware and its register settings, and a detailed description of the symptoms associated with your problem.



Online Support Ressources / Self-Help Support

How to get efficient support?

For most efficient technical support acam recommends to use the support ressources in the follwing order:

  1. Opens internal link in current windowOnline self-help support
  2. Opens internal link in current windowOnline assisted support