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GP21 Evaluation System

Wether you want to get started with acam's TDC-GP21 Time-to-Digital Converter or you look for a prototype development platform. The GP21-EVA provides everything needed to successfully evaluate and develop applications using the TDC-GP21 Time-to-Digital Converter. It serves as system for evaluating ultrasonic time-of-flight applications or as evaluation kit for TDC-GP21 time interval measurements.


  • PC supported system, USB communication via PICOPROG interface module (included in delivery)
  • SPI Interface connector
  • No additional power supply. The power supply is provided by PICOPROG
  • Comfortable Windows based measurement and evaluation software
  • Compact in  size
  • Different power options, selectable by jumper
  • Three reference clock  sources for alternate clock options
  • Pt500 / Pt1000 temperature measurement with on board reference
  • Internal  / external comparator for temperature measurement
  • Easy connection of external microcontroller boards
  • Data collection to ASCII text files

GP21 Evaluation Software

The PC based system comes with a Windows-based software. It contains six main sheets which allows the user to access all the functionality of the TDC-GP21.


Setup & General Settings Tab
Measurement Settings Tab
Standard TDC-Measurement Tab
Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Measurement Tab
Temperature Measurement Tab
Graphic Tab

GP21 Evaluation Kit

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