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UFC - Ultrasonic Flow Converters

TDC-GP30 - System integrated solution for ultrasonic based heat-, water-, and gas meters and industrial flow meters


Ultrasonic flow meters for heat, water and gas get more and more popular. From the beginning acam TDC products successfully solved the time-of-flight measurement task in those applications. With the UFC family acam provides solutions that extend the pure time measurement functionality. The flow measurement part of the electronics can be designed in a very compact manner as the main elements of the analog frontend like comparator and temperature measurement are already integrated into the UFC.


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  • Volume 1: General Data and Frontend Description
  • Volume 2: DSP, Memory and Firmware
  • Development System for GP30




  • Standard MCU can operate ultrasonic or mechanical systems.
  • Uniform software of MCU can operate ultrasonic as well as mechanical systems.
  • MCU software requires no know-how about ultrasonic physics and measurement methods.
  • Power consumption is mainly controlled by GP30. Therefore it is easy to meet ultra-low power requirements for MCU.
  • High measurement frequency can be implemented to accurately measure high dynamic flows and prevent from manipulation of water meters.
  • Current consumption in operation is 1/3 of GP22.
  • Independent calibration  of the spool piece becomes possible. External MCU is not involved in calibration.
  • MCU is entirely available for communication and security functions.


    • Ultrasonic heat meters
    • Ultrasonic water meters
    • Industrial flow indicators
    • Ultrasonic gas meters
    • Ultrasonic density meters

    General Description

    Typical Ultrasonic Front End
    GP30 Circuit Board + Transducer