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acam - Solutions in Time

Time - the most universal of all physical quantities -  offers fantastic possibilities to solve difficult measurement tasks elegantly. Nearly all physical units like position, weight, pressure and temperature can be captured by time measurement.


Based on digital TDC-technology (TDC = Time -to-Digital Converter), acam's products transfer the manifold potential of precise time measurement to consumer, automotive, industry and scientific applications and offer professional solutions for difficult measurement tasks.


Ultrasonic Flow Meter Electronics made easy with TDC-GP22

Discover the new TDC-GP22, an innovative converter for ultrasonic flow and heat meters. The new save first hit detection and the pulse width measurement for signal strength monitoring are amazing new features with respect to instrument quality. The extremely low- current consumption in combination with enhanced features and increased performance perfectly meets the future demands in that field of application. 

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PICOCAP Capacitance-to-Digital Converters

acam's PICOCAP product line of capacitance-to-digital converters convinces in many aspects - resolution (up to 18 bit or 23 aF rms@ 10pF), low power (low as a 2 µA operating), speed (up to 500 kHz), flexible capacitance range from 1 pF to 100 nF, and many more.

On top of that, a number of new features have been added, e.g. the internal reference capacitance to save external components or the newly added EEPROM for storing user calibration data. Further, improvements for the operation with humidity and MEMS sensors have been made. Opens internal link in current windowRead more







The actual Product Overview for download: Get the latest overview of acam's innovative integrated circuits for ultra-precise time interval measurement and related products.


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What's new!

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June 2014

New Distribution Partner for Korea

acam announces the distribution partnership with Multiwave Co., Ltd.[more]

June 2014

PCapØ2 wins ECN Impact Award

In May 2014 the desired ECN Impact Awards have been conferred in Las Vegas, USA. Amongst this years winners is ACAM's PCapØ2 from the PICOCAP product...[more]

March 2014

Sales Representative for Israel added

CRG Electronics Ltd is focused to deliver Innovative High Quality PC Products & Edge Technology Solutions for the Electronic Israeli Industry. [more]

March 2014

acam attends Electrotech Eurasia Istanbul, 19 - 22 March 2014

Trade fair for energy, electric and electronic technologies[more]

October 2014


Die Zeit als universelle Größe [more]

August 2014

Nächste SoC-Generation für den Ultraschall-Wasserzähler

System-on-Chip TDC-GP30 in der Beta-Muster-Phase und entlastet die MCU des Zählers nun vollständig von den Berechnungen der Signalverarbeitung.[more]

August 2014


New Impulses for the Ultrasonic Water Meter Market[more]

June 2014


Ultraschall-Sensorik: Ein SoC für den Wasserzähler[more]

June 2014


Thema: Smart Energy - Nächste SoC-Generation für Ultraschall-Wasserzähler[more]

May 2014


Signalverarbeitung für Ultraschall-Wasserzähler[more]



版本 1.5 现在中文版本可用[more]


PCN PT2G-SM5yy / PICOTURN-SM5yy released

New Product Change Notification has been released.[more]


PICOTURN-2G datasheet released

Version 1.5 Now available in English and German[more]


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